Adjustable Dog Vest Harnesses with Walking Leash & Car Seat Belt Restraint

  • Measurement Reference (Length / Neck / Chest): S - 6.5" / 9.8"-15.4" / 14.6"-23.2"; M - 9.1" / 11.8"-17.7" / 15.7"-26.8"; L - 10.8" / 13"-20.1" / 18.1"-31.1"; XL - 12.6" / 14.6"-22.5" / 19.3"-33.5".
  • Sturdy and Comfortable: Lightweight harness made of strong Nylon fabric with padded chest section for added comfort and protection. Reflective stripes for good visibility when walking your dog at night.
  • Easy Size Customizing: Adjustable chest belt makes it possible to customize a suitable size for your dog's growing up. Easy on & off design makes it hassle-free to be put on and took off.
  • Prevents Pulling And Choking: There are two attachment points, one on the chest and one on the back. Harness is designed so pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body without choking or causing other discomfort to the dog.
  • Ready For Travel: Comes with a lead to clip to a car’s seat belt so movement of the dog is limited to prevent distracting the driver. Dog can lie down, sit or stand, but is restrained in case of a sudden stop and can’t jump over the seat.

We provide a warranty of 12 MONTHS for our products. Please feel free to reach us via Mugenter store page.

This is a Sturdy, Comfortable, and Hassle-Free Dog Vest Harness with a leading leash and a car seat-belt leash. 
Made of durable, light weighted and comfortable nylon fabric, providing durable and breathable protection for dogs. 4 sizes for your choice, broadly applicable to all kinds of dogs in different bodily forms. Retractable strap allows for easy adjustment according to the specific environment and condition.

Two lead attachment points for your choice. Reflective strip let you walk the dog with safety. 
There is a primary aluminium D-ring on the top and a secondary attachment point on the chest. You may attach the leash to the front of the harness for dogs are undergoing lead trainingReflective strip keeps your dog SAFE while walking in the darkness. 

Apart from outdoor use, this Dog Safety Vest Harness is also designed for car use. 
This safety belt is designed to restrain the dog to one position in a car and prevent driver distraction. Fasten the seat-belt and go for a worry-free trip. 

Size: S-M-L-XL 

Please measure your pet and take each measurement a bit loosely, so there will be room for your pet to move and breathe. 
The dimension of the seat-belt clip is 1.5"×0.8", please check before purchase. 
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